Our Crest and Motto


The motto for Sacred Heart College is “Semper Superne Nitens” meaning “Always Striving Upwards” which is expanded as “To you, our God”. This reminds us of the fact that whatever we do we should do it for God, and always be trying to achieve our best for him.

The crest consists of several elements: the shield, the crown, palm or laurel branches and several letters.

The shield signifies protection. The training and the ideals imparted to us during our College life will act as armour which helps us to hold on to our Christian principles which will be a source of strength in our future lives. (Ephesians 6: 10-18)

The crown is a reminder of the rewards to be gained by doing good for the sake of goodness itself. The crown is mentioned in the New Testament as a reward for those who have persevered in doing right (1 Peter 5:4).

The palm or laurel branches symbolise victory. In ancient times the winner of a race was crowned with laurel leaves; at Jesus’ triumphant entry to Jerusalem the crowds waved palm branches as a sign of his coming victory over death. We are reminded that our lives can be seen as a struggle to win the prize of victory given to us when we uphold our Christian faith.
The letters and stand for Virtue and Knowledge, which reminds us that learning is important, but even more important is our living out of our Christian ideals.

The letters and stand for the Sacred Heart, symbolising the great love that Jesus has for us all, and that we should strive to spread that love to others.


College Prayer

                            Loving God,                                             

Thank you for the Sacred Heart College family,  
for the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions,
and the staff, students and parents
who have lived their faith in this community.

As you walk with us on our journey,
nurture us with your love,
helping us to develop
our spiritual, academic, cultural and sporting gifts.

Help us to use our talents in the service of others,
that we might see your image in all whom we meet,
living out Jesus’ call to go beyond ourselves
with compassion, courage and respect,
and always striving upwards to you, our God.


L: Sacred Heart of Jesus;
R: I place my trust in you.




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TOM Teams Pack for International Finals

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Announcement: 2018 College Musical

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