Our care of students is based on John 10:14; “I am the good shepherd, I know my own and my own know me”.


We strive to know each student well, so that we are able to assist them to become the best they can be.


SHC Pastoral Care Framework CEWA June22 1



Students are placed in a Pastoral Care Group according to their House at the beginning of Year 7. Their PCGT meets with the group every morning, developing relationships within the group and creating a safe and caring environment. This time includes the opportunity to share news and other important information and to engage in faith activities. The group stays together with their PCGT for the six years they are at Sacred Heart College. The PCGT becomes a very significant adult in the lives of the student.


The Assistant Deputy Principal is charged with the overall management of the year group. The Assistant Deputy Principal oversees the work of the PCGTs in getting to know the students. The Assistant Deputy Principal is available to students and parents when there are concerns beyond day-to-day matters. Ideally, students will have two different Assistant Deputy Principals, each for three alternate years, as they travel through the College.


The College employs two full-time Psychologists.

The Psychologists meet regularly with the Assistant Deputy Principals to review students needing intervention. They also offer a range of proactive services such as Youth Mental Health First Aid Training.


  • Social Justice Administration Assistant/Parent Engagement Coordinator
    The College P&F offer support to families in time of distress through the support of our Social Justice Administration Assistant and our Parent Engagement Coordinator.
  • Occupational First Aider
    The College has a well-equipped Health Centre and supports students who become unwell during the day.
  • Careers Advisor
    The College employs two highly experienced Careers Counsellors (one full-time and one part-time) who supports students deciding what courses to study and what career pathways to follow.
  • Chaplains
    The College is very fortunate to have close relationships with two adjoining parishes, Our Lady of Grace in North Beach and Our Lady of the Missions in Craigie. The priests from these parishes regularly say Mass at the College and support students.
  • Dean of Campus Ministry
    Our Campus Minister is also available to students to discuss any relevant issues.