blair evans sporting

Blair Evans (Class of 2008) is one of many sports stars who has come out of Sacred Heart but she is our only dual Olympian. Blair was selected for the 2012 London Olympic Team and 2016 Rio Olympic Team in her chosen sport: swimming. She won a Silver medal in London, and has also won Gold in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi as well as two Silver medals at World Championships (2010/2011).


Blair appreciated the incredible support given to her by all her teachers, especially during Year 12 as she attempted to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team. Above all, she remembers the support of her Principal, Mr Ian Elder; “He was always there for support, and helped through the whole process.”


Blair remembers lots of the small things from her last years at Sacred Heart: the friendships, canteen and conversations around the lockers are just a few. She also remembers coming back from swimming trips and being petrified that she hadn’t done all her work! The biggest changes Blair sees at the College are the Performing Arts Centre and introduction of Year 7s.
Blair is passionate about animals and we have heard she has a house full of pets who surely miss her while she is on her travels.


Many of you don't know that the 50 Stories from our 50th Anniversary have been compiled by students at the College. Blair was kind enough to be the students' very first candidate over a year ago, and has returned to the College for assemblies and to inspire this year's College Captains. She even managed a little Heart message to the Sacred Heart students before her big race for the selection of the 2016 Olympic Team. Blair - we are so proud of you and wish you all the best!