The Archbishop of Perth is responsible for the conduct of the College. A Board of Management is responsible for the overall management and policy development of the College.


The Board is comprised of the Principal and various parents with particular skills to contribute to the management of the College. The Archbishop appoints the Principal and he is responsible for the employment of staff, after consultation with the Board of Management.


The Catholic Education Commission of WA, set up by the Archbishop of Perth and the Major Superiors of Teaching Orders, is responsible for the overall coordination and development of Catholic Education in WA. The Catholic Education Commission of WA therefore has an overall guiding role which the Board of Management and Principal acknowledge in their exercise of responsibility within the College. All non-government schools are required to be ‘efficient’, as defined in the Education Act of WA. Sacred Heart College is also registered with the Curriculum Council in regard to the implementation of programs and curricular certificated by the Curriculum Council of WA. To this extent, the College is subject to supervision by the appropriate persons from these organisations.


Members of the Management are:


  • Mr Peter Bothe - Principal
  • Sr Marie Therese Ryder - RNDM Representative
  • Mr Greg Canny - P&F Representative
  • Mr Mike Celenza
  • Mr Steve Cleaver
  • Ms Nicole Eastough
  • Mr James Maitland
  • Mr Trevor Sheppard
  • Dr Katy Tindall
  • Mr Chris Watts
  • Mr Stephen Martin - Director of Finance and Corporate Services (Executive Officer to the Board).