On Wednesday, a group of Year 10 students and Mrs Hywood were lucky enough to be invited to participate in the 2018 Catholic Youth Ministry’s Anti-Poverty Mass. It was a great experience as we were surrounded by like-minded students from other schools who also value social justice and its contribution to the community.

We were honoured to be selected with one of our Parents, Mr Vianney Bugeme, to read the Prayers of The Faithful, and to meet up with the RNDM Sr Margaret Spain and Sacred Heart Alumni, Fr Conrad.

All schools took a candle to represent their commitment to the anti-poverty movement across Perth and this was displayed in the lighting of the candles.

After the Mass, the congregation was invited to experience the life of the impoverished by sharing a simple meal of bread and water.

 Dorcasse Bugeme, Liam Di Girolami, Jessica Haskis and Kristen Parrotte
Year 10 Students