Congratulations to Siena Tonkin (Year 12 Kimberley) who was the proud recipient of ACC Letters for Athletics at yesterday's Whole School Assembly.


An ACC Letters Award is the highest individual accolade presented by Associated & Catholic Colleges of WA. The award recognises a student’s sustained excellence in sport, making them part of a very distinguished club of athletes.


ACC Letters is presented to any student that is selected in an ACC Swimming, Athletics or Cross Country All Stars Team for their age group for at least four years; or selected in an ACC Open All Stars team sport, such as Basketball, Netball or AFLW for at least three years.

It should be noted that to qualify for an All Stars Team, a student has to be elite in their sporting field of choice across 90 ACC member schools and approximately 58,000 students across WA.


To be selected once as an All Star is a great achievement, but to do this for three years or more is truly epic and deserves special recognition. Such achievements require not only talent, but incredible commitment, effort and perseverance.


Below are some of Siena's achievements in athletics over her high school years:

  • Year 7 - ACC Athletics team, ACC All Stars Athletics team, ACC Javelin record, U12 School Sport team, Kingsway Little Athletics Club State Relay team, SHC Inter-House Athletics Champion, WA Athletics Javelin State Champion, Kingsway Little Athletics Centre Female Champion Athlete
  • Year 8 - ACC Athletics team, ACC All Stars Athletics team, ACC Javelin record, SHC Inter-House Athletics Runner-up, Australian All Schools U14 Javelin Champion, Australian U14 Track and Field Javelin Champion, WA State Javelin Champion
  • Year 10 - ACC Athletics team, ACC All Stars Athletics team, WA All Schools Athletics U16 Javelin Champion
  • Year 11 - ACC Athletics, ACC Javelin record holder, qualified for Australian U16 Track and Field Championships but didn't attend due to a clash with her commitment to the Australian Hockey Championships
  • Year 12 (so far) - Australian Athletics Championships, SHC Athletics Carnival Runner-up


Well done!

(Photo by Charlotte, Year 9 Barlow)