We are thrilled to announce the outstanding achievements of our World Scholar's Cup teams during the recent Perth Round. Over the course of a busy long weekend, our students showcased their academic talents in various challenges, including writing, debating, a 120-question multiple choice challenge, and an engaging Kahoot! Style quiz.

All 84 SHC students involved performed extremely well and a very impressive nine teams qualified to represent the College and Perth at the GLOBAL ROUND in Bangkok in Term 3! We are extremely proud of each and every student who got involved.


Highlights from the event are available below:


  • JUNIORS (75 teams consisting of 225 students)
    - Out of our 15 Junior teams, an impressive eight secured positions in the Top 25.
    - Noteworthy achievements included 1st, 5th, 8th and 9th place finishes.
    - Year 9 students Gemma Nunn (Normandy), Sonia Orellana Badilla (Thu Duc) and Ashley-Rose Luu (O’Reilly) secured a very exceptional 1st place, while Lara Cipriano (O’Reilly), Aidel Sabu (Barlow) and Neave Norman (Hannan) achieved an impressive 5th place.


  • SENIORS (60 teams consisting of 180 students)
    - Of our 13 teams, an impressive seven claimed a place in the Top 20.
    - Outstanding performances results in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th place finishes.
    - Year 10 students Ash Humski (Thu Duc), Emily Logan (Carden) and Eliza Boylen (Hannan) secured a remarkable 1st place. Year 11 students Madeleine Budas (Normandy), Chris Baker (Hannan) and Chenoa Mason (Trinity) achieved an exceptional 2nd place, Year 9 students Matilda Kehoe (Barlow), Mia Tayler (Barlow) and Chantelle McArthur (Trinity) secured 4th and Year 9 students Luca Traynor (Carden), Jacob Smith (Trinity) and Jake Lees (Carden) performed very well and placed 5th.
    - Three students displayed excellence in both the individual and teams events, securing 14 medals. Emily Logan (Year 9 Carden) achieved an outstanding feat and bought home 13 Gold and one Silver, Ash Humski (Year 10 Thu Duc) achieved 11 Gold, three Silver and won the trophy for Second Top Overall Individual and Emmet Kelly (Year 8 Thu Duc) shone with seven Gold and seven Silver.
    - Mia Tayler (Year 9 Barlow) received a total of 13 medals – 10 Gold and three Silver.

More importantly, every single student gave it their best and worked hard to learn the special curriculum. A more detailed report will be available in the next Newsletter.


Well done to everyone involved. We wish our two Year 11 teams, Year 10 team, four Year 9 teams and two Year 8 teams the best of luck as they prepare to head to the Global Round in Bangkok!