Did you hear the hype? The House Mascots, flanked by their Captains and Vice-captains, have been revealed to the College community!

Kimber the Kangaroo (Kimberley) proved to be a crowd favourite while the sweetest little Shelley the Peli (Barlow) melted the hearts of many. Lenny the Lion (Carden) had a heart as big as his roar but superb looking Hanna the Hawk (Hannan) soared nearby. Stormin' Norman the Viking (Normandy) came to battle and Riley the Raccoon’s (O'Reilly) theme song got the crowd jumping. Quackers the Duck (Thu Duc) looked ready to lead his ducklings to victory and Trevor the Turtle (Trinity) was putting his neck out ready to make a charge.

The question remains, which House Mascot will hold the shield high for the first time in College history? Will it be your favourite?