Sacred Heart College entered teams in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 in the WA da Vinci Decathlon Competition held at the end of Term 1. The competition is very prestigious academically and is designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of school students. Winning the Decathlon is a highly sought after prize and many of Perth’s top school send teams, including 12 Independent schools, nine Catholic secondary schools and five state schools.

Throughout the day, the teams of eight worked together across 10 disciplines: Engineering, Mathematics and Chess, Codebreaking, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Philosophy, Creative Producers, Cartography, General Knowledge and Ideology. The students decided amongst themselves who will compete in each of the events in order to try to maximise their scores.

We are proud to announce that our Year 8 and Year 10 teams won the WA competition, meaning they are now going to represent Western Australia in Sydney!

The below details the team members and their results in each section:

YEAR 7 TEAM (9th overall, 1st in Creative Producers and 2nd in Art and Poetry):
Finn Fogarty, Alexandra Mennie, Tim Southgate, Alex Stewart, Ella West, Nick Emes, Adam Lewis and Meaghan Emery.

YEAR 8 TEAM (1st overall and in Art and Poetry, Cartography, General Knowledge and English):
Kai Schlegl, Elizabeth Martin, Salina Re, Monica Olea, Anthony Bulich, Belinda Gill and Matilda Anthony.

YEAR 9 TEAM (2nd overall, 1st in Engineering and 2nd in Ideology):
Lucy Burke, Lara Woodward, Sofia Gibson, Connor Ougan, Brendan Craig, Euan Hough, Mitchell Simpson and Natasha Re, who was competing up a year.

YEAR 10 TEAM  (1st overall, 1st in English, Creative Producers, Ideology and 2nd in Maths):
Paula Gomez, Josephine Campbell, Imogen Trewhella, Rosie Welsh, Sophia Gibson, Cian Rodriguez, Declan Williams and Mitchell Williams.

Well done to all students who took part and to our Head of Gifted and Talented Education, Mrs Tanya Atherton, for your unceasing energy and enthusiasm that inspires our students to be the best they can.