Congratulations to our Deputy Principal - Dean of College, Mr Trevor Lynch, who was awarded an ACEL prestigious Certificate of Excellence in Educational Leadership at the ACEL Awards Ceremony earlier in the week.

Trevor is a humble man of great integrity. He is often the key man working quietly behind the scenes to make everything happen smoothly. He has contributed more to the wonderful culture of Sacred Heart than anyone else in our history. He truly espouses the best qualities at the heart of our community. Trevor is a born educator. His love of his vocation is apparent to all who meet him. He cares deeply for every family, every student and every staff member in the community and cherishes their progress and success. He inspires and motivates students to be the best they can be in all of their endeavours.

At the end of this year, Trevor will tick over 30 years of service to our College community. He is a wonderful colleague, generous with his time and dedicated to the College. Well done Trevor!