Sacred Heart continued its impressive cross country record with a hard fought victory in the ACC Carnival last Thursday. After being 73 points down to Peter Moyes early in the day, an incredible showing by the U15 boys turned around 149 points in one race - putting us ahead.

The team continued to show great character from then on, to win by an impressive 340 points from Peter Moyes. Sacred Heart has now won 13 consecutive ACC titles and 20 out of the last 21 Carnivals. The only time we have lost the ACC Cross Country in that period was in 2004 to Prendiville College.

The boys once again won the boys aggregate, with the U13 (Year 7) boys and the U14 (Year 8) boys winning their age group trophies. The effort of the Year 7 boys is to be commended with Eoin McDonnell running up an age group, two podium finishers and all six runners across the line in the Top 15.

It is important to remember that there were 60 schools competing at the ACC Carnival with over 250 students in every race. While all runners representing Sacred Heart performed admirably, there were several outstanding efforts in the Carnival that need to be highlighted.

• Tom Burns - 9th in Open Boys
• Matthew Ryan - 6th in U16 Boys
• Caleb Roberts - 3rd in U15 Boys
• Josh Moses - 4th in U15 Boys
• Harper Baron-Hay - 8th in U15 Boys
• Daniel Faichney - 12th in U14 Boys
• Tait Saunders - 2nd in U13 Boys
• Dominic Saunders - 11th in U13 Boys
• Owen Hurley - 3rd in U13 Boys
• Nick Emes - 15th in U13 Boys
• Sean McConnon- 12th in U13 Boys
• Anton Vinciguerra - 16th in U13 Boys.
• Hannah Whitbread - 9th in Open Girls
• Claudia Dineen - 6th in U13 Girls