Last week whilst everyone was enjoying their extra long weekend, some very dedicated and enthusiastic students spent Friday and Saturday representing Sacred Heart College at the World Scholars Cup event at Scotch College and Curtin University.

The theme for the year was 'An Unlikely World' and the students spent a Term studying moonshots, conspiracy theories, chance and probability of events, the Y2K issue, 2012 Doomsday prophecy and modern mythologies - just to name a few of the 172 areas!

Over the two days students debated, wrote essays, sat a 120 question multiple choice test and participated in a Kahootz style group test.

I wish to congratulate the following students who worked so hard and gave up so much of their time. They should be very proud of themselves:
YEAR 7 (8th place) - Timothy Southgate, Alexandra Mennie and Ella McCaughey
YEAR 8 (6th place)- Kai Schlegl, Natasha Re and Elizabeth Martin
YEAR 9 (3rd place) - Lara Woodward, Mitchell Simpson and Hugh Swann
YEAR 11 (7th place) - Amy Morris, Stacie Blott and Natasha Gill

The Juniors (Years 7-9) competed against 101 teams from 18 schools and the Seniors (Years 10-12) competed against 25 teams from 15 schools.

The YEAR 9 team and Natasha Re from Year 8 will be representing the College in Hanoi, Vietnam at the Global Finals!

More information, including the team's most outstanding achievements, can be found HERE.