Robocup State Finals

The qualifying round of the Robocup State Titles last Friday was very hectic, with record numbers of competitors from across the State. In a first for us, all of our teams qualified for the State Finals last Saturday.

The teams competed in the Standard (Lego), Lightweight and Open divisions of the Soccer as well as the new Rescue Maze competition. All 33 students are to be commended on representing the College to such a high standard.

The students put an enormous effort into their creations, which all represented several months of class time and lunchtimes (and many late nights) spent building and programming their robots.

There was some difficulties with a number of other school's robots in the preparation area. The response of our teams in helping the mostly younger students to rebuild their robots, re-solder wiring, lend equipment and much more was outstanding and certainly appreciated by the students, parents and teachers.

At the end of the day, the students had quite a bit of success:
• 1st - Alex Stevens, Ethan Berichon and Julien Chester (Year 8)

• 1st - Daniel Keating, Ethan Trichilo and Durragh Duffy (Year 7)
• 2nd - Chris Berriman, Zac Blinco, Harrison Harding and Ben Nolan (Year 8 and 9)

• 2nd - Ailish Norman, Cheyenne Wise-Jarvis, Jack Gilbert, Stryker Ashman and Tyler Anthony (Year 11)
• 3rd - Michael Elloy, Dylan Fellows, Lochie George and Riley Freer-Smith (Year 11)

• 1st - Rosie Welsh, Mitchell J Williams and Declan Williams (Year 10)
• 2nd - Jayden Beavan and Ethan Rushack (Year 10)

All in all, our best result for many years from a fantastic team of brilliant young men and women who were a pleasure to work with.