Mary Poppins Broadway Musical Sacred Heart

We are excited to announce that tickets are on sale for our Mary Poppins Production!

We have:

• 109 cast members
• 26 band members
• 27 crew (sound, light, stage management)
• 40 craft club volunteers (sets and props)
• 10 'Glam Squaders' (hair and makeup)
• 20 Front of House (tickets, ushering)
• 15 staff

Making a total of 247 Sacred Hearters involved.

Under the debut Directorship of Shannon Sodano, these students have invested their time, energy and expertise and honed their skills together. What a marvellous enterprise to be involved in. They have worked together for many hours to bring together what promises to be another unforgettable production. Our sincere thanks also to all the parents of the students involved. We appreciate all your efforts in getting sons and daughters to rehearsals and supporting them when they tire.

We are also grateful to Project Manager, our Business Manager, Steve Martin, who has assisted the staff to manage the complex logistics involved in a production of this size.

Thank you to all our generous actors, singers, dancers, musicians and crew. We hope it is a joyful and memorable experience for you all.

Tickets are available here.

 Peter Bothe