Sacred Heart College offers two Aboriginal Bursaries each year because of its clearly articulated commitment to work in partnership with Aboriginal people to provide what assistance it can to increase positive life choices and help further possible career opportunities for Aboriginal youth.


The College itself funds the Aboriginal Bursary Program. Sacred Heart therefore makes a very real and very significant contribution to assisting Aboriginal families with the education of their children.

  • Year of Entry
  • The Aboriginal Bursary Program is offered to students commencing in Year 7 at the College. The application should reach the College Registrar by the end of the year that the student is in Year 4.

  • Fees
  • The Bursary covers the annual tuition fees for the duration of a student’s secondary schooling at Sacred Heart College, as long as the student’s performance is acceptable.

    To indicate the value of the Bursary, the tuition fees for 2023 are $7,891.00.

  • Levies, Laptop, Uniforms and Books
  • The cost of Levies, the computer (in Year 7 and 8 only), uniforms and books are the responsibility of the parents.

    • Levies (Resource, Building, P&F) - $1,375
    • Basic uniform costs - $1,000
    • Books - $700
    • Laptop purchase for Year 7 and 8 - $1,500

  • Other Financial Assistance
  • The College offers financial support to the families of students who are enrolled and have a genuine financial need. Students may also be eligible to apply for the Abstudy Supplement Allowance.

  • Student Support
  • Sacred Heart College acknowledges that some students may experience some cultural isolation and may also require extra assistance. Our Aboriginal Liason Officer, Ms Sasha Wells, provides assistance to these students when required.

  • Enrolment Process
  • Parents who wish to make an application for an Aboriginal Bursary should download an application form and submit the completed form to the College Registrar. If they wish, they can speak with the Principal or the College Registrar to obtain more information. 

    After application, the normal enrolment interview will take place with the Principal.

    If successful, parents will be notified and there will be a meeting with the Principal to talk about any concerns or problems, to make sure that parents understand the expectations of the school, and to clarify any issues of concern.




 Contact: Mrs Niki Jenkins & Lexi Rickards, College Registrar
               (08) 9246 8283
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