• General Information
  • All schools in Western Australia are required to teach according to the outcomes set out in the mandated Curriculum Framework. The Curriculum Framework sets out a series of outcomes that describe the knowledge, understandings, skills, values and attitudes that students are expected to acquire through their schooling from K to 12. These outcomes are divided into eight Learning Areas with 13 overarching statements.

    In keeping with the aims of the College, Religious Education is an integral part of the curriculum and is studied by all students. Opportunities for Mass, Para-liturgies and Retreats are incorporated into the Religious Education program at times throughout the year. In WA Catholic schools, the Church as a 9th Learning Area has mandated Religious Education.

    The Curriculum is balanced to develop the Spiritual, Academic, Cultural and Sporting potential of students. It also prepares them for living in an increasingly technological and changing society.

    The fundamental role of Curriculum is to promote:

    • A love of learning
    • Life long learning
    • Excellence in learning

    Specific details regarding the Curriculum from Years 7 to Year 12, together with cocurricular opportunities, are provided in the individual Handbooks.

  • Gifted and Talented Education Program
  • A Gifted and Talented Education program is offered to students in Years 7-9 who are identified as ‘academically gifted’. Testing takes place on entry and again at the end of Year 7. The top 10% of the cohort are withdrawn once a week for small group work with Mrs Tanya Atherton, our Head of Gifted and Talented.

    Some of the programs and competitions students are offered include:

    • Philosophy
    • Architecture
    • Social Inquiry Research
    • Millennium Moments Study
    • Rostrum Speaking Competition
    • Science Teachers Association of WA Competitions
    • Tournament Of Minds
    • The da Vinci Decathlon
    • Philosothon
    • Have Sum Fun Maths
    • Secondary Scitech Challenge Day
    • ICAS

    Tanya is a past recipient of the National Excellence in Teaching Award (NEITA). She was previously the Western Australian Director of Tournament of Minds and the Catholic Education Exemplary Educator who coordinates the Secondary Gifted and Talented Network. Further information about this program can be obtained by contacting Mrs Atherton on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Mary MacKillop Centre
  • The Mary MacKillop Centre is an integral part of the Sacred Heart College community and provides special needs education within a mainstream environment. Students who access the Centre have a diverse and wide range of disabilities and are taught by experienced, qualified and dedicated educators.

    The programs offered by the Centre are structured to support the College motto of Always Striving Upwards and they are focussed upon the student’s abilities rather than their disabilities.

    Individualised Education Plans (IEP’s) recognise student’s existing knowledge and skills and build upon these to ensure that each student reaches their full potential.

    The courses offered within the Centre include:

    • Functional Numeracy
    • Functional Literacy
    • Integrated Studies
    • Life Skills
    • Social Skills
    • Certificate 1 in Work Preparation
    • Business and Enterprise Studies
    • Cooking
    • Community Access
    • Work Experience

    Students who access the Mary MacKillop Centre are also integrated into mainstream classes for Religious Education, Physical Education and their chosen elective classes. Depending upon their academic level, students may also be integrated into other subject areas.

    The main aim of all the programs offered in the Mary MacKillop Centre is to provide each student with the skills necessary to minimise dependence and maximise independence so they can lead full and productive adult lives.

    For more information, please contact Mrs Marie Blackburn, Head of Inclusion, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 9246 8247.

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