Looking after mental health and wellbeing are very important within Sacred Heart College and the Pastoral Care of our students is seen as a priority. The College has 2.6 FTE Psychologists who work closely with staff, students, parents and a range of professionals outside the College to support students experiencing a range of mental health and learning issues.


As research clearly shows, adolescence is the peak age of onset for mental illness but due to the stigma (which is now thankfully reducing) many of our students and families do not realise just how common it can be. Through accessing reliable information, having ongoing training initiatives and taking all opportunities to raise awareness we are keen to see the conversations about mental health and wellbeing continue within the school.


Hopefully SchoolTV will prove to be a very useful resource for parents to access a range of reliable information and special reports on current topics affecting our young people. Should any parent have concerns regarding the wellbeing of their child, please discuss these with the relevant PCG teacher and Assistant Deputy Principal in the first instance.


Go to SchoolTV to find Wellbeing resources aimed at high school students and their parents.


A SPECIAL REPORT: Year 12 Exam Stress

Students in their final year of school are considered a high-risk group for depression and anxiety. Sleep deprivation, diet and social media are some of the biggest issues faced by this group of teens. Therefore it is vitally important that a student’s mental health is looked after as well as their physical health.

Keeping things in perspective for students and parents alike, can help prevent everyone getting overwhelmed. Although this final year is important, it will not be the most important year of your child’s life.

There are many strategies that students can implement to help themselves. Parents can provide support, not only emotionally, but also practically by keeping their child well-nourished and encouraging physical activity.

In this special report, parents will find useful tips to support their child during this often stressful time.

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. Watch the report HERE.