natasha lester cultural

Natasha Lester has a passion for writing and has turned this passion into a successful career as an author. A member of the Class of 1990, Natasha gains the inspiration for her writing from the real life stories we see everywhere, saying that her books have been inspired by a myriad of interesting and strange things. Natasha believes that each new book is a new greatest achievement due to the time and attention it has taken; but only until the next one comes out!


Natasha has many strong memories of her time at Sacred Heart, but in particular she remembers reading Pride and Prejudice in English Literature. "It was the first time I fell in love with a book." Natasha also remembers History with Ms Fry. "We studied America in the 1920's for History and I loved everything I learned." Some of these history lessons have even inspired her future writings including A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald'.


Natasha has a number of big fans amongst the staff and parents at the College including Mrs Willshire and Mrs Williams who attended her latest book launch. Fellow author and Sacred Heart mum Tess Woods said, "Natasha is one of the most popular, most loved, most respected authors in all of Australia. She gives of herself generously to others every day and she has inspired and continues to inspire countless people to take the jump and start writing. She's been a personal mentor and tower of strength for me personally and is always there for me to lend a shoulder to lean on. This new release book is just the start for Natasha - I see Hollywood movie deals and international fame for her."


Natasha - we are so proud to tell your story and celebrate a successful author amongst our past students.