At Sacred Heart College we inspire everyone to live by our Core Values – to go beyond themselves with Compassion, with Courage and with Respect. We believe that it takes an entire community, a village of different mentors, of different ages and different roles walking with a young adult in order for them to experience a safe and formative environment and to learn from the right experiences.


Sacred Heart is a Catholic Co-educational College in the tradition of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (RNDM) for students in Years 7 – 12. Established in 1967, our history can be traced back to 1898 when Sacred Heart School opened in the central Perth suburb of Highgate. The College motto is Semper Superne Nitens – meaning 'Always Striving Upwards - to You our God.' We educate approximately 1400 students in beautiful Sorrento. Our College has an established reputation for excellence based on consistently outstanding student achievements in our Four Pillars – Spiritual, Academic, Cultural and Sport.


Sacred Heart is a safe, innovative and progressive community with the key strategic aims of mental health and wellbeing and transformative teaching and learning. Teachers and students live the motto of Always Striving Upwards. We believe that there is no substitute for hard work, we love the aggregation of marginal gains. We partner with our parents in having high expectations of our students and provide them with opportunities to grow, to learn responsibility and to be fully independent. Our students own Code of Conduct tells us that they want to be challenged and encouraged.


Our students develop through our Four Pillars – Spiritual, Academic, Cultural and Sport. These pillars are reflected through our extracurricular opportunities. We provide an immense breadth of activities inside and outside the classroom so that every child, no matter their talent, can find their niche where they feel secure, competent, well known and have a purpose and sense of belonging.


We have actively moved away from a compliance-based model of education to one of innovation. Students are encouraged to be creative, collaborative and reflective learners. We have developed a culture which encourages risk-taking and one that accepts that failure is a necessary part of the learning experience.


One of our strategic imperatives is to forge relationships with external partners to provide real-world learning experiences for our students. They are exposed to industry standard, cutting edge technological tools which assists them in solving the problems of both today and tomorrow.


We aim to develop our students to respond to Jesus by striving for personal excellence, having the courage of their convictions and being active agents of change. We aim to foster skills in students that deepen their capacity to solve real world problems, flourish, think and respond in a Christian manner within our changing society. We believe that all students can develop skills, intellect and talent through practice and perseverance. This growth mindset approach to teaching and learning allows staff and students to work collaboratively to overcome obstacles and thrive.


The focus on practice in our classrooms has been explicitly linked to our Sacred Heart Learner Attributes, which are essential soft skills that can be applied in all subject areas and are transferable to every life situation. In a deliberate effort to develop these skills in our students, teachers collaborate to construct meaningful, intentional and transformative learning experiences.  


Leo Di Gregorio


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