We extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to all families seeking an exceptional educational journey for their children. At Sacred Heart College, we believe in nurturing not only academic excellence but also personal growth, character development, and a strong sense of community. Our commitment to providing a holistic and enriching learning experience sets us apart as an institution dedicated to helping young minds flourish. We invite you to take the first step in joining the Sacred Heart family by completing an Expression of Interest for enrolment. Your decision marks the beginning of a partnership aimed at fostering a love for learning and preparing your child for a future full of promise and opportunity.



The first step in your enrolment journey is the completion of an Expression of Interest (EOI) which registers your interest in having your child considered for enrolment at Sacred Heart College. The EOI Form can be accessed by clicking the button below.


Expressions of Interest require a non-refundable fee of $85 per student. 


Please note: due to the high demand for places at Sacred Heart College and the number of applications we receive from the categories outlined in the Enrolment Policy, we are often unable to consider non-Catholic applications until either later in the commencing year, or into later year groups.





A Parish Priest reference must be dated within 6 months of the commencement of the enrolment application process. Please only submit a reference if your child is netering Year 5 or above next year. 



If a particular year group is at capacity, any Enrolment Applications submitted are added into the Waiting Pool for that relevant year group. When a place becomes available, we refer to our Waiting Pool, review all applications and offer an interview for potential enrolment.


Please note that geographical proximity to the College and length of time the application has been submitted are not taken into consideration.


Enrolment selection is a very complex process, incorporating the Enrolment Priorities set out by CEWA’s Executive Directive, as well as any pastoral considerations or context.


To have your child added to our Waiting Pool for enrolment consideration when a place becomes available, please commence an EOI using the Expression of Interest link above. 



If you have already chosen to pursue enrolment at Sacred Heart College and have submitted an EOI, you can access the Parent Portal using the link below. Here you can update your contact details, complete additional EOI's and access using enrolment resources. 




If you have any enrolment questions, please contact the Registrar on 9246 8283 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






At Sacred Heart College, we believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive community where every student can thrive. To ensure that new students align with our College values and contribute positively to our vibrant community, we will be conducting reference checks for those wishing to join an already attending year group.


The reference check will be completed by a senior member of staff, ideally with the Head of Year at the applicants current school.

Please rest assured that we will obtain permission from parents before conducting these checks, as we work together to maintain the integrity and ethos of our College.



Contact: Mrs Niki Jenkins, College Registrar
               (08) 9246 8283
               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.