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Opening Hours

The Café is open before school at 8.00am for breakfast and then at recess and lunch times.



How to set up your child’s cashless card:

  1. Register for FlexiSchools by visiting Add your child, school, year group and student number to get started. Student numbers (e.g. STU0000000) can be found written on the front of the SmartRider card.
  2. Top-up your account via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or direct deposit. You will have the option to select Auto Top-Ups to ensure your student is never short of funds. Simply add this when completing your next top-up.
  3. Add the student number (e.g STU0000000) by entering this when adding your student or by selecting ‘setup card number’ under their name in the My Students section of FlexiSchools. Enter your child’s student number and click ‘save’.
  4. Set a daily spending limit for your student to control spending via cashless card.
  5. Student pays with cashless card and funds are debited from your FlexiSchools account balance.


What does it cost?

  • Online Ordering Fees - Nil
  • Cashless Card Fees -     Nil
  • Account Top-Up Fees - Direct Deposit (normal banking timeframes apply) - Nil
                                            Credit card VISA/Mastercard (immediate) – 15c + 1% of top up.
                                            PayPal (immediate) – 15c + 1% of top up value.



The Flexischools support team can be reached via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., on their website or at 1300 361 769.

Please note: Money uploaded to Transperth and Flexischools cannot be transferred between each other.


Mission Statement

The Heart & Soul Café aims to:

  • Provide nutritional well balanced food and drinks to students who elect to not bring their morning tea or lunch from home.
  • To provide healthy breakfast options to students who arrive at school and need to purchase breakfast.
  • Support classroom teaching on nutrition and health.
  • Provide foods that stimulate student learning in the classroom and not ‘lethargic learners’.
  • Encourage development of good choices and good eating habits with students.
  • Provide special dietary needs for some students i.e. gluten free, nut allergies, etc.
  • Maintain a high standard of food safety and hygiene in preparing and storing of food.
  • Provide food with minimal packaging to reduce environmental impact and school yard rubbish.
  • Perform as a fully functioning, healthy and student friendly Café that operates at no cost to the College whilst providing nutritional food to students and staff at a minimal cost.